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Calem Koek

Marketer  |  Speaker  |  Mentor

I build websites that work for businesses


I interview people who drop awesome knowledge

I help busy people do more of what they want

About Me

Past  |  Present  |  Future


I was:

  • Born in Perth
  • Moved to Cairns in Primary School
  • Moved to Brisbane in High School
  • Moved to Perth for Uni
  • Moved back to Brisbane to finish Uni
  • Moved back to Perth after Uni
  • Moved to Melbourne for Work

So yeah…  I’ve now:

  • Been to 2 Primary Schools
  • 2 High Schools
  • 2 Universities, and
  • Lived in 4 Cities across 3 States 

Just thought I’d get that out of the way first because whenever I talk to people the first thing that comes up is “wait, I thought you said you lived in…”


I may be one of the few people who went into a line of work related to my degree…  I did a Business Degree in Human Resources and International Business.  I was fortunate enough to work in the Corporate Human Resources space in Western Australia and Victoria across Mining and Resources, Pharmaceuticals, Banking and Finance as well as Consulting.

I always enjoyed the corporate life but had an interest in business & still do – even after skinning my knees more than once…

I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot some beautiful weddings across Western Australia, Queensland and Victoria, and launching successful online businesses from the ground up…


Whilst being in business for yourself is no walk in the park, I love the independance, balance and freedom we’ve created for ourselves.

I LOVE what I’m now doing because I get to combine my corporate and business background, with my passion for all things creative and digital to help businesses build online channels that actually work.

I can’t imagine a life without this, but now enjoy rounding all our knowledge and experience to help others do more of what’s actually important to them – whether that’s in starting their own business, or getting more fulfillment out of life.


Get Found  |  Look Good  |  Convert


A website that doesn’t get found… Well… May as well be on a hard drive in your top drawer… Just don’t bother…

There are lots of ways to get website found… But the main way I get websites found is through some good onsite content…

It isn’t the fastest way… But when it sticks it really seems to stick…

I’m a pretty impatient person – so the fact that I’ve gravitated towards this kinda says something… I think?


I can’t help it alright… Yes I’m always going to come at a website from a commercial perspective… BUT… Can’t we look good doing it???

There’s so much content out there that, well if you don’t look good you’ll be quickly overlooked… I don’t make sites look good for the sake of looking good… Or at the expense of functionality… Or achieving an outcome… But I will always look to leave my touch on a website… One day I’m sure I’ll have a signature look…

That’s a CK isn’t it?


And this is where it all comes together… The website gets found… It looks hot… Now we need to get people to do something!!!

We don’t want it to be like that ad that EVERYone remembers, but can’t remember who the company was or what they were selling…


I look at how we can give the visitors value AND get them to engage…

I’ll just make sure I do whatever I can to make sure we achieve whatever the site was built to do…


Health  |  Wealth

Throughout the lock down period, I noticed there was a lot of people around me getting brought down by the amount of negative news. At the same time, I was talking to a lot of friends and people I’ve been fortunate to work with who have an insane amount of knowledge on a whole bunch of things.

I started interviewing them to bring all this awesome knowledge to all the amazing people who wanted to grow in lock down as opposed to being pulled down.


The Power of Visualisation

The Power of Visualisation

Towards the end of my high school years, I started to get stuck into the world of “Personal Development”...  And I haven’t stopped! The whole personal development movement has really worked its way into everyday life now, as well as the sport and corporate worlds…  ...

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Value Your Expertise Not Just Your Time

Value Your Expertise Not Just Your Time

Over the years, I realised I’ve had a lot of ‘adjustment’ or ‘pivot’ points for a range of different reasons…  If you know me, or have read some of my About Me, you’ll see that I’ve lived in 4 cities across 3 states, and been to 2 primary schools, 2 high schools and 2...

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Dig For Gold! Or Sell Shovels?

Dig For Gold! Or Sell Shovels?

If you’ve been around me for a while, you probably know I like a good analogy…  I’ve heard most of us are wired this way and it stems back to it being the way all our cultures knowledge shared - through stories…   Don’t go there - there’s something dangerous… My...

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Why Do People Start Businesses?

Why Do People Start Businesses?

For the last 10 or so years, I’ve tried my hand in a few different businesses with varying levels of interest, effort and of course results... Through the process, I learnt a lot about people… Me… Relationships… Oh and yeah - business! For the most part, they’ve been...

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